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My Mission 

To provide seniors and their families advocacy and support navigating government systems, aging-in-place, companionship, and advanced care planning.

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My Vision

My vision is to create a world where seniors in our communities can access compassionate, trauma-informed care that empowers them to live with dignity, purpose, and joy. I am committed to providing advocacy, support, and resources that promote person-centred care, respecting each individual's unique needs, values, and preferences.


About Jessica

As the daughter of a senior with a diploma in social work, I understand navigating the health care system is becoming increasingly difficult.  That is why I am dedicated to providing my clients the highest level of care and professionalism.


Resource Navigator:

Provides seniors with a personalized solution for accessing government and community resources. Patient navigators will conduct a needs assessment and connect seniors with appropriate resources while providing ongoing support and advocacy. 

Therapeutic Recreation & Companionship:

Applying a bio-psychosocial approach, I will provide therapeutic recreational activities to seniors by assessing individual interests, organizing group and one-on-one activities, providing access to community resources, and incorporating therapeutic elements into the activities.

End-of-Life Advocacy:

This service includes advocacy, administration and support for the dying person and their family, including help with navigating the healthcare system, dying at home, MAiD, communicating with healthcare providers, and ensuring that the person's wishes are respected and honoured. It can also include assistance with legal and financial matters related to end-of-life care.

Care Conferences:

Care conferences facilitate a discussion among all parties involved in the care of the senior. This discussion is intended to help identify the senior's needs, goals, and preferences and to develop a comprehensive care plan that addresses those needs. 

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care . . .


you to live

with dignity,


and joy.

Celebration of Life:

As the celebrant officiating at the celebration of life, my primary responsibility is to serve as a compassionate guide for mourners. My approach is personalized, reflecting the personality, beliefs, and values of your loved one. Collaborating with the family, I incorporate cultural traditions, rituals, music, and readings that hold significance and create an unforgettable atmosphere honouring their life and legacy.

Advanced Care Planning:

Package includes assistance with creating an aging-in-place plan, including medical and non-medical care preferences, advanced directives, and legacy projects.

Legacy Project:

This service includes assistance with creating a legacy project, such as writing letters, recording videos, or creating photo albums, that can provide comfort and support to family members after the person has passed away. We can tailor this service to the unique interests and preferences of the dying person.

Dedicated Professionalism:

I understand that senior care involves many different professionals and resources. My services are designed to complement the care provided by other professionals and resources, and I work closely with them to ensure that my clients receive the most comprehensive and coordinated care possible.

My Services:

Long-term-care Transition:

This service is designed for individuals who are transitioning from living independently to receiving long-term care whose families are located out of town. I work with the client and their family to develop a personalized plan that meets their unique needs.

Care Home Companion:

Designed for individuals who are living in a care home and would benefit from extra companionship and support between visits with their families. One-on-one support and companionship is tailored to the individual's needs and interests. 

For Families Afar:

Calculating Budget
Book a Service:

I offer an initial 30 min free phone consultation to discuss your needs and goals. During this consultation, we provide information on fees and services to help determine which package or customized program would best fit your needs and budget. The costs are based on a $40-50 per hour rate, depending on service. I will accommodate sliding scale or trade for service.

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