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As the daughter of a senior with a diploma in social work, I understand navigating our complex world is becoming increasingly difficult.  That is why I am dedicated to providing my clients the highest care and professionalism.

Who I am, What I Do...


As a trained senior's advocate and through my own family experience, I understand that navigating the transitions in the senior years can be a complex and emotional process.  The aging process means changes to our physical and cognitive abilities and, for many, an increased reliance on family and community supports. Accessing this support is all the more challenging at a time of unprecedented changes in technology and the ongoing strain on existing health-care system.


My practice is focused on bridging gaps and overcoming barriers to help seniors get the support they need – and want – to as they progress through their golden years.  

Young Hands Holding Old Hands

Compassionate social work advocacy is comprised of so many different forms of support during the time between diagnosis to end of life care and beyond with grief support. Some of my responsibilities are:

  • Provide compassionate and non-judgmental emotional support to individuals and their families during the end of life journey.

  • Listen to the wishes of the individual in regards to their care, treatments, hospice, etc.

  • Provide practical assistance such as researching end-of-life services, helping with paperwork, making phone calls or coordinating visits from family or friends.

  • Facilitate difficult conversations between family members and medical staff.

  • Connect individuals with appropriate community resources for additional support.

My senior's advocacy packages are tailored to meet the unique needs of each person and family. My professional and confidential support can begin as early on as diagnosis,  at any point throughout the process, during the vigil time, or even after the death of a loved one occurs.

As a senior's advocate professional I offer emotional, spiritual and practical support during the living and dying process. I provide education and information about medical procedures, pain management, and symptom control. Some people wonder about MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) whether they themselves are considering or choosing MAiD or are impacted by MAiD in someway, I can offer information, education, and help in navigating this system.

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