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Frequently Asked Questions

As a trained professional who provides emotional, spiritual, and practical support to individuals and their families as they navigate the aging process, I know you must have many questions. If there is anything that hasn't been answered please don't hesitate to contact me.


* Membership in the British Columbia College of Social Workers (BCCASW) and the End-of-Life Doula Association ensures that I adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

* A current criminal record check demonstrates my commitment to ensuring the safety and security of my clients.

* Horticulture Diploma allows me to offer our clients the benefits of nature and horticultural therapy as part of my end-of-life doula services.

* Psychological First Aid training equips us to provide compassionate care and support to individuals and families during times of crisis.

* Full COVID-19 vaccination, which helps to protect my clients and ourselves from the risks of COVID-19 exposure.

* Foodsafe Certification demonstrates my commitment to food safety and hygiene in my end-of-life doula services.

* Hostile Interaction Management Certification equips me to handle difficult or confrontational situations with sensitivity and professionalism.

* Mental Health Act Certification demonstrates my understanding of the legal and ethical considerations involved in providing care to individuals with mental health challenges.

* Stigma Certification demonstrates my commitment to reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction.

* Completion of a Social Work Diploma Program with honours provides me with a strong foundation in social work theory and practice.

* Violence Prevention Program Overview, which equips me to recognize and respond to situations of violence or abuse.

* Naloxone Certification allows me to administer naloxone in the event of an opioid overdose.

* Introduction to Cultural Safety and Humility, which helps me to provide culturally sensitive and responsive care to clients from diverse backgrounds.

* Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C ensures I am equipped to respond to medical emergencies as needed.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Are Senior Advocates Certified? Senior Advocates are individuals who provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to those facing death and their loved ones. They are not certified or trained in the same way as nurses or doctors, but they do have specialized training and experience that allows them to provide the highest quality of care. This training can include courses on end-of-life care, communication skills, grief counseling, and more. Additionally, experienced senior advocates may also receive mentoring from other professionals in the field. The goal is for end of life doulas to be able to provide compassionate support for those going through a difficult time.

Are Senior Advoctes covered under Medical? At this time, Senior Advocates are not covered under medical or private insurance. It is a goal of the association to make Senior Advocates available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. Therefore one of our goals is to achieve funding so that everyone has equal access to quality end of life care.

Why would someone hire a Senior Advocate? It can be overwhelming to care for someone at home who is very sick. As illness advances, needs become greater. Senior Advocates provide a unique form of support to those facing the end of their lives. By helping to navigate the difficult physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences that can accompany death, they offer comfort and guidance during a time when it is most needed. From helping with practical tasks like organizing paperwork or making funeral arrangements, to providing emotional support and companionship in one's final days, an end of life doula can be an invaluable source of comfort for those approaching death.

1. Provide emotional support: Senior Advocates offer compassionate emotional support to individuals and their families, including listening, being present, and holding space for them.

4. Provide education: Senior Advocates provide education about the dying process, including information about medical procedures, pain management, and symptom control.

2. Facilitate communication: Senior Advocates help facilitate open and honest communication between individuals and their families, as well as between healthcare providers and families.

5. Help manage symptoms: Senior Advocates help manage physical and emotional symptoms, including pain, anxiety, and depression, through non-medical interventions such as massage, aromatherapy, and music therapy.

3. Assist with end-of-life planning: Senior Advocates assist with end-of-life planning which may include advance directives, funeral arrangements, and legacy projects.

Senior Advocates work with medical professionals to provide holistic care and support.

What Social Work Advocates do:


1.    Provide medical care: Seni Advocates do not provide medical care or make medical decisions for individuals. They work alongside medical professionals to provide non-medical support.

3.    Perform tasks outside their scope of practice: Senior Advocates do not perform tasks outside their scope of practice, such as administering medication or providing personal care.

2.    Offer legal advice: Senior Advocates do not offer legal advice, or have signing ability but they can provide information and resources about advance directives and other legal issues related to end-of-life planning.

4.    Make decisions for the individual or family: Senior Advocates do not make decisions for the individual or family, but they can provide support and guidance to help individuals and families make informed decisions.

What Social Work Advocates don't do:


Overall, Senior Advocates offer emotional, spiritual, and practical support to individuals and their families during the dying process. They work alongside medical professionals to provide holistic care, but they do not provide medical care or legal advice and do not make decisions for the individual or family.

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